bicycle injury

$600,000 Settlement For Bike Crash On Lake Bluff Illinois Bike Path

In a hotly disputed case, the bicycle injury lawyers at Peter Higgins Law defeated three different attempts by the Defendant, the Illinois Village of Lake Bluff, to have the case thrown out, then was able to obtain a $600,000 settlement for our client who was injured while riding his

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Successful Client Outcome Before Illinois Supreme Court Obtained by Peter Higgins

“Peter Higgins Law went the extra mile to pursue a technicality so that the case might remain alive,” said Peter Higgins. “We pursued this case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court for the exclusive purpose of protecting the right of our client to make her case. This is not only a great result for our client but it’s a great result for anyone who uses these types of trails in Illinois, because it forces the municipalities to maintain their trails in a safe condition.”
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