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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

At Peter Higgins Law, our Chicago personal injury lawyers help clients receive the appropriate compensation for pain and suffering after a personal injury. There is no cost to contact us for a consultation and we support clients in Chicago and throughout Illinois after medical malpractice, train, construction and auto accidents, and with workers compensation claims, and nursing home abuse.

Our Chicago-based personal injury lawyers have helped hundreds of clients throughout the state of Illinois obtain compensation for personal injuries sustained in accidents or as a result of another party's negligence. From train and auto accidents to medical malpractice or negligence to nursing home abuse, our attorneys are experienced in fighting for an injured person’s rights.

If you or someone you love has been injured resulting in medical treatment, lost time from work, or disability and pain – contact the personal injury attorneys from Peter Higgins Law. Review our recent personal injury case results for more information on our experience with similar cases. When you need additional support, fill out the form below, or call Peter Higgins Law today at (312) 857-1710 to schedule your free consultation.

While all personal injury cases are different and results cannot be guaranteed, we have helped many individuals and families obtain their rightful compensation throughout Illinois.