The Chicago Personal Injury Incident

A construction company had set up large barricades blocking the entrance to a new parking lot they were building near a busy downtown shopping area in the north suburbs of Chicago. The only problem was that they put the barricades in the middle of the entrance, directly in the path of where pedestrians had to walk on a sidewalk. When our client walked through the area with a group of other pedestrians, she did not see the long metal bars on the ground that supported the barricades, and she tripped over one of them, causing her to fall forward and fracture both of her wrists and one kneecap, all of which required surgery.

The Lawsuit

After filing suit against the construction company, the construction accident attorneys at Peter Higgins Law hired a traffic engineering expert to prove that the construction company had violated building code regulations by their placement of the barricades. We also obtained photographs of the barricades taken the day after the incident, showing how the barricades were now moved back, out of the entranceway, and into the construction area where pedestrians would no longer have to walk between them. We also took the depositions of some eyewitnesses to the accident who overheard the construction company foreman on his cell phone immediately after the incident say: “I told you we should not have put those barricades there!” The case settled shortly after the depositions were completed.

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