The Illinois personal injury attorneys at Peter Higgins Law represented A.R., a 76-year-old woman who was injured after falling in a parking lot. A.R. lived on the south side of Chicago and drove to her local CVS, parked in the lot, and started to walk from her car toward the front door of the store. As soon as she took a few steps from her car, she slipped on some gravel on the parking lot asphalt, and stumbled forward, then fell against the wall of the store. A.R. suffered a fractured humerus, and ended up needing surgery for a total shoulder replacement.

During our pre-personal injury lawsuit investigation, we went to the scene of the accident with our client and saw that half the lot had parking “bumpers” that had eroded and crumbled, leaving tiny pieces of concrete spread out under the cars. Our accident injury lawyers filed suit against three defendants: CVS, the property manager, and the maintenance company that was responsible for cleaning the parking lot on a nightly basis.

After obtaining maintenance records and taking depositions, we found that the defendants, as a cost saving measure, had chosen to replace only half of the defective parking blocks in the lot, about 6 months before the accident, leaving the other half there in a state of crumbling disrepair. Unfortunately, the block our client slipped and stumbled on was one of the oldest ones.

The defendants paid $425,000 to settle the case.

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