Peter Higgins Law took on a case for a down-on-his-luck man after he allegedly tripped over a chair set outside an elevator in a Chicago, Illinois train station.

There were a number of inherent problems with this case from the start. Our client, a 65-year-old deaf man with Parkinson’s disease and a history of drug use, was traveling from New York to Washington state by train and stopped in Chicago to switch trains. While there, he was getting off an elevator and tripped over a chair that had been left near the elevator doors, sustaining a fractured hip that required an extended stay in the hospital.

Proving liability in this case was difficult due to communication difficulties, and our client giving different stories to the train station’s police, paramedics, and his doctors about how his fall happened. Complicating matters further, with the client back in New York and forced to communicate through a third-party sign language interpreter, it was impossible to verify the exact location of his fall.

Despite these challenges, the railroad injury lawyers at Peter Higgins Law continued to fight for our client and was eventually able to obtain a confidential settlement, which our client was thrilled to take as he gets back on his feet.

(By agreement, the amount of the settlement and the name of the Defendant must remain “Confidential”)

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