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Personal Injury Case Results

$22 Million Product Liability Verdict After Space Heater Fire Kills

Cook County jury returns a verdict for almost $22 million in favor of the plaintiffs in lethal fire product liability case.
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Illinois Supreme Court Bicycle Accident Case Reaches Settlement

This was an important case for two reasons. First, our client received compensation to make up for the harms and losses she suffered in this incident. Second, but equally as important, however, was that this case made new law on what constitutes a bike trail in Illinois, and the circumstances under which a municipality will be held accountable under the law for failing to maintain their bike trails in a safe condition.
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Successful Client Outcome Before Illinois Supreme Court Obtained by Peter Higgins

“Peter Higgins Law went the extra mile to pursue a technicality so that the case might remain alive,” said Peter Higgins. “We pursued this case all the way to the Illinois Supreme Court for the exclusive purpose of protecting the right of our client to make her case. This is not only a great result for our client but it’s a great result for anyone who uses these types of trails in Illinois, because it forces the municipalities to maintain their trails in a safe condition.”
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Dismissed by Court, Lipkin & Higgins Wins Appeal to Reinstate Bicycle Injury Case

When the trial judge dismissed a bicycle injury case regarding Highland Park, the attorneys of Peter Higgins Law appealed the decision and won the right to have its client's case reinstated for trial.
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64 Year-Old Man Has Slip and Fall at Walgreens’- Lipkin & Higgins Resolves Claim for $135,000.00 Without Lawsuit

Chicago personal injury attorneys Peter Higgins Law Resolve 64-year-old's slip and fall claim against Walgreens for $135,000.00 Without Lawsuit.
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Mother Struck by Falling Tree Branch: $100,000

Chicago personal injury attorneys help mother get compensation for her injuries after a falling branch strikes her arm.
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