As a railroad worker, you understand the hazards and danger associated with your profession. In addition to acknowledging your hazardous working conditions, it's important that you know more about your rights under the Federal Employee Liability Act, or FELA, in case an accident were to occur on the job that results in injury. If the railroad you work for is covered by FELA, then this federal law is there to protect you.

By enacting the FELA in 1908, Congress created a way in which injured railroad workers can obtain deserved compensation for their injuries resulting from the negligence of their employer. Since FELA is a federal law, injured workers may sue from anywhere the railroad accident occurred, including the state and federal courts. Claims under FELA can also be made directly to the railroad company responsible or to the employer that's responsible for your injury. Peter Higgins Law works with FELA claims and Amtrak injury cases beyond the state of Illinois and is willing to do so if we believe you have a case.

If you've been injured as a railroad worker, it's vital that you understand your rights under federal law. Suffering an injury on the job can be a truly detrimental event, so it's important that you understand the ways in which you can obtain compensation and benefits for your injuries. And because this law is complex, it's essential that you hire lawyers that know the law well and are willing to fight for your rights as an injured railroad worker.

The attorneys at Peter Higgins Law are experienced in FELA claims and Amtrak injury cases and will represent clients throughout the United States. If you're looking for lawyers with at least 20 years of experience working on railroad cases to help you, then contact us for a consultation.