As a railroad worker, you may have some misconceptions regarding the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) and the rights that it provides you. Since it's a federal law, it has its own unique rules and procedures that must be followed. Below, the attorneys at Peter Higgins Law have compiled a list of myths that we've overheard regarding FELA claims and have given rebuttals based on our experience in dealing with related cases.

MYTH: Only local personal injury firms can handle your case.
FACT: Since FELA is a federal law, injured railroad or Amtrak workers can be represented anywhere in the United States at the federal or state level. For example, the attorneys at Peter Higgins Law have and are willing to represent railroad and Amtrak workers regardless of the location of their work-related injury.

MYTH: If you've been injured while working on a railroad, the railroad company is obligated to pay you for lost wages and medical expenses.
FACT: The railroad company doesn’t have an obligation to pay expenses of any sort to an injured worker; however, this doesn't mean that they won’t have to. In order to receive compensation for a railroad or Amtrak-related injury, the worker must prove that the railroad was negligent. Under the federal law, there's a very specific definition of negligence, so it's important consult with a law firm that's knowledgeable of FELA and has experience dealing with railroad injuries.

MYTH: Any personal injury lawyer can and should handle a FELA-related case.
FACT: Railroad and Amtrak-related injury cases and FELA are some of the most unique cases that we deal with because they require a high degree of experience and knowledge of the law. As such, it's crucial that you pursue an attorney that's experienced in specifically dealing with FELA-related cases so you have a better chance of getting the compensation and benefits that you deserve for your railroad injury.

MYTH: You don’t need to hire a lawyer to handle a FELA-related case.
FACT: This is completely untrue. FELA law is extremely complex and requires knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. There's no point in trying to handle a railroad or Amtrak injury case by yourself when the experienced attorneys at Peter Higgins Law are more than willing to determine if and how we can help with your claim.

Since FELA is extremely complex, it's crucial that if you've been injured on the job or as the result of the work that you do, you work with a law firm that's experienced in handling these types of cases. Contact the Illinois attorneys at Peter Higgins Law to be represented by a lawyer you can trust.