Construction sites are dangerous for workers, pedestrians and drivers. People are exposed to numerous hazards and unsafe working conditions every year due to construction. A preliminary total of 4,383 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2012 according to the Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries Summary. Although the number is down from 4,693 fatal construction injuries in 2011, construction workers still face many obstacles when it comes to safety.

Some construction site accidents are caused by the negligent actions of the company on the worksite, but accidents can happen for a number of other reasons. Below the construction accident attorneys at Peter Higgins Law have compiled a list of some common construction site hazards and what workers should watch out for.

  • Falls – These are often the leading cause of worker fatalities. It is important for all construction companies to issue the proper safety equipment for employees working from heights.
  • Heavy Equipment Injuries – Cranes, aerial lifts, mechanical booms and power tools dominate the long list of hazardous equipment that can be found on a construction site. Machines or tools that lack safeguards could potentially injure or kill construction workers or even pedestrians or drivers in the vicinity.
  • Burns and Electrical Injuries – Construction zones are full of burn injury hazards from welding equipment to chemical burns. Electrical injuries may be caused by overhead power lines and any other live wiring or electrical device.
  • Head Injuries – Construction and demolition projects consist of flying debris and falling objects. Head injuries, spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries can permanently paralyze workers if they are not careful or are not given the proper safety equipment to wear.
  • Lifting Injuries – It's important that the proper equipment is in place to lift or move heavy objects. Construction worksite management may fail to provide safe equipment or training when it comes to lifting objects. Heavy lifting can cause strain on muscles, back, knees shoulders and may even require surgery.
  • Occupational Diseases – Breathing in any mineral asbestos and other chemicals may cause occupational diseases such as scarring in the lungs or cancer.
  • Collapses – Unsafe ladders and scaffolding, old buildings or trenches can collapse if the proper safeguards are not taken, putting both construction workers and the public at risk.

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