As an “approved” attorney on the Active Transportation Alliance’s (“ATA”) referral list, I get phone calls all the time from people who were involved in “minor” bicycle vs. car accidents asking me what they should do. The most common questions are whether they should contact the police or get checked out by a doctor, even when they weren’t hurt that badly or if there wasn’t a lot of damage to their bike. The answers are always “yes” and “yes”.

Bicycle-car accidents are one of those “better safe than sorry” situations. Even when it seems like there’s not a lot of damage or personal injury, it’s always better to (1) immediately report the accident to the police, and (2) get checked out by the ER or your family doctor because you never know if a “minor” injury can progress into something serious.

It’s also a good idea to call a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases, preferably one who has handled bicycle-crash cases. It’s a free consultation that will give you good information about your options. Contact a group like the ATA and ask them for a reference. The ATA utilizes a demanding screening process and requires approved personal injury lawyers to meet certain requirements in the number of cases they have tried and litigated involving bicycle and pedestrian crash victims. If you have other questions about bicycle-car accidents, contact our Chicago law firm to speak with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys.