Bicycle Crash Injury Attorney

Bike Crash Victim - Photo by Bill Morrow; used with permission under Creative Commons license ( and modified to monchromatic

At Peter Higgins Law, our personal injury lawyers are devoted to helping cyclists who have been seriously injured in a bike crash receive the appropriate compensation.

There is no cost to discuss your situation with us. We support cycling justice and our clients throughout Illinois from our Chicago office. You can contact us immediately via the chat on this page, our contact form, or call us at (312) 857-1710.

We understand how important cycling is and how tragic it can be to be hit by a motor vehicle and suffer serious injury while riding a bike. If you have suffered an injury while traveling on your bike, you need an advocate with a track record of success specifically winning bicycle injury crash cases.

Peter Higgins Law has advocated for injured bicyclists pursuing cases through the court system and winning – including taking a case to the Illinois Supreme Court – proof that we do not give up without a fight for the injured cyclist.

There is almost no contest when a motor vehicle engages with a bicycle. So proving an injury is relatively straightforward. Therefore the real challenge in considering the case is determining fault. The parties that can be held liable for your bicycle accident injuries include:

  • A municipal or government entity responsible for a defect in the roadway causing the crash
  • An auto part manufacturer such as a tire manufacturer
  • The driver who hit the bicycle
  • Another driver on the roadway
  • Bike-share operators

Peter Higgins Law’s experience working with bicycle crash injuries ensures that we understand the process and steps to investigate accidents thoroughly to determine who was at fault.

Following an accident, your greatest concern is your physical recovery. But there is more to it and Peter Higgins Law can counsel you on your legal options including:

  • Medical Recovery – both short term and long term as well as your emotional well-being
  • Return to work – not just protecting your continued employment but loss of income during your recovery as well as vacation/paid leave and other benefits you may have consumed
  • Long-term or unforeseen losses – if you injuries will result in disability or even an inability to return to your former employment

There is no cost to you for an initial consultation. And most cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means that our investigation work and representation are entirely at our cost unless we obtain a final financial settlement for you. We will work on your case today for payment when we are successful. Call us at (312) 857-1710 or via  our contact form on this site.

Peter Higgins Pleads Bicycle Injury Case Before Illinois Supreme Court (And Wins)